Purdy’s Chocolates Hazelnut Hedgehog Crepes

By | May 5, 2012

Head Chocolatier Gary Mitchell shows you how to make a wonderful Mother’s Day treat. Nothing says ‘I love you’, like Hazelnut Hedgehog Crepes!

Start with the crepe batter:

Using a medium sized bowl mix

  • combine 1 tbsp of butter and 40 grams of melted chocolate
  • add 1/4 cup of sugar and mix
  • add 2 eggs and blend
  • add 1 cup of flour
  • slowly add 1 cup of milk

Combine all of the above in your mixing bowl, the batter’s consistency should be that of a light cream. Let crepe batter sit for 1/2 hour.

The Hazelnut Center

  • melt 5 large Purdy’s Hedgehogs
  • fold in 250 grams of softened cream cheese
  • place mixture into a piping bag

Cooking The Crepes

  • pour your crepe batter in a small jar and shake to ensure it is well mixed
  • set stove on medium and place a small amount of oil in the pan
  • pour the batter evenly into the pan
  • when crepe starts to bubble, flip it over to cook the other side

Plating The Crepes

  • start off by drizzling chocolate syrup on to the plate
  • lay the crepe on the plate and pipe the hazelnut chocolate center onto half
  • add a layer of sliced bananas
  • fold the crepe over and cover with fresh raspberry puree or any fruit mixture you’d like
  • finish with whip cream topping and chocolate syrup drizzle

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Purdy's Chocolates Mother's Day Hedgehogs

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