Company comes to rescue after low-lifes steal $1,100 worth of Girl Guide cookies

By | March 17, 2011

Published in Surrey Now, March 17, 2011 – Written by Matt Law

What kind of person would steal Girl Guide cookies? That’s what members of the Girl Guides in Newton are wondering after almost $1,100 worth of cookies was stolen Wednesday night.

“The girls were upset, they were also angry,” said Angela Roscoe, a Guide leader. “Who steals Girl Guide cookies? It’s the same people who steal poppy tins and knock off the kid with the lemonade stand. If karma has anything to do with it, karma will serve proper.”

Twenty-three cases of cookies and a backpack with around $200 of art supplies were stolen from co-leader Janice Chisholm’s car at about 7:30 p.m. at Hyland Elementary school on 140th Street in Surrey. Her passenger side window was also smashed, which is going to cost her $300.

The girls were holding their last meeting before spring break and had plans to hand out the cookies so they could start raising money for a summer camp.

The janitor at the school heard people yelling, “hurry up” while he was in a classroom. He rushed outside in time to see them loading the last few boxes of cookies into a car and speeding away.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get a licence plate number, but he was able to give a description of the car to police.

“I was just devastated, I was absolutely gutted,” said Chisholm. “Here we are trying to be a good role model for the girls and keep them off the streets and keep them away from crime and they get affected by it in the worst way possible.”

The girls had been working on their “safe at home and out and about” badge, the irony of which was not lost on them, said leader Shannon Green.

Cookies are a major fundraising source for the non-profit organization. The money raised by the sale of the cookies was supposed to help send the girls to summer camps and aid families who can’t afford to put their kids in Girl Guides.

Frustrated with what had happened, Chisholm, Roscoe and Green began contacting local media to try to let the community know about the theft.

After their story was broadcast on local radio stations, the troop received some good news. Purdy’s Chocolates offered to donate 1,000 chocolate bars.

“I was just driving to work this morning listening to Jack FM and heard the story,” said Kristen Dean, director of merchandising and marketing for Purdy’s. “We’re part of the community and it just seemed like the right thing to do. I phoned Jack FM and said we’ll donate 1,000 of our fundraiser bars.”

Dean said the donated bars would help the girls raise almost twice the amount they would have made with the cookies.

Surrey-based International Herbs has also contacted the Girl Guides about making a donation.

Chisholm said these types of donations really help to restore their faith in humanity.

Chisholm is also asking that if anyone sees people selling Girl Guide cookies online or who are not in uniform to please contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

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