The Chocolate Scientist

Peter Higgins, Chocolate Scientist

As a food sciences student at the University of British Columbia, Peter Higgins was a natural fir for the role of the Purdys Chocolatier Chocolate Scientist. Peter joined Purdys in 1998 as a plant supervisor overseeing the production of various signature chocolates, such as Purdys’ famed Hedgehogs and delicious Sweet Georgia Browns.

Peter’s passion for chocolate and knowledge of food manufacturing led to his advancement in the company. He is the Purdys’ Chocolatier president and, of course, chocolate scientist. The Chocolate Scientist has made numerous television appearances, including CanadaAM, The NBC Today Show, The Steven and Chris Show, Breakfast Television and Urban Rush, where he has explained the origins of chocolate using his Chocolate Science Kit. He has also taught many a chocolate lover to taste chocolate using the science of the senses. To learn more about enjoying Purdys’ chocolates using your senses, check out these tips for the Chocolate Connoisseur.

A day in the life of a Chocolate Scientist – Watch the video