The People of Purdy’s

The Master Chocolatier
Gary Mitchell

Developing new products is Gary’s true passion.  It’s an opportunity to create innovative chocolates like no other, a vision of design, taste and texture. The combinations for new chocolates are endless.  Gary’s motivation is to create those new special treats that will delight the taste buds and tempt chocolate aficionados around the world.

The Chocolate Scientist
Peter Higgins

Peter joined Purdy’s Chocolates in 1998 as a Plant Supervisor overseeing the production of signature chocolates such as Hedgehogs and Sweet Georgia Browns. Now as the Chief Operating Officer, The Chocolate Scientist has made numerous television appearances where he explains the origins of chocolate using his Chocolate Science Kit, as well as teaches how to properly taste chocolate using the science of the senses.

The Merchandiser
Kriston Dean

Kriston Dean comes from a family with a passion for retail that dates back three generations. Since 2007, Kriston has been leading a team of people responsible for store design, marketing, merchandising/visual, product development, season’s development, forecasting and analysis.